Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing For Singapore SME

The Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation Marketing In Today’s Business World

In our today post, we will discuss about the growing importance of adopting digital marketing especially the 4 must-have like SEO marketing, video marketing, social media marketing and  mobile marketing, in order for a local business to thrive and succeed in today’s dynamic and highly competitive Singapore marketplace.

Digital Marketing Overview

Let’s begin with a quick overview of what digital marketing is. Put simply, digital marketing is marketing of a company’s products or services by laying hands on digital technologies and reaching the targeted audience.

Even though the concept of marketing was there decades ago, it changed drastically based on the taste and preference of the customers, by and large. In the current scenario, the internet also acts as a vital and predominant promotional medium.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing technique. SEO services consist of marketing research, proper advertising, and also marketing campaign. Content marketing is a part and parcel of SEO services. Keyword analysis and stuffing them in proper places in the content is a biggest challenge and when properly done will lead to better online website presence. Unlike PPC, SEO marketing is able to help you garner free organic traffic to your website and generate more visibility online.

Online marketing is also catching up slowly and all these techniques when joined together helps in the development of a business.

Video Marketing

One of the most important advances in internet marketing has been the explosion of video. Starting with the establishment of YouTube and other video hosting websites, videos have virtually taken over the internet, causing a tremendous upsurge in interest in various products, services, information, and entertainment. Having a video marketing plan as part of your overall strategy for your online business is a must.  Below is a great video showing how many companies are using video marketing to differentiate themselves.


There are a number of reasons why video marketing is important and you should add videos to your website, but the first step is getting or renting a good quality camera and having solid lighting and sound. A poorly produced video that is hard to see or hear will turn people away from your website. As with anything, if you want to do it well you need the right tools to do it with. Once you have obtained or access to the right equipment, the next step is mapping out a short, solid video that gets to the point.

Social Media Marketing

To connect your audiences in relevant manner, it is required to introduce your business towards the targeted customers in relevant manner. Promoting your business over various social media platforms is really helpful act to be executed when it is all about to promote the business in right direction. Social media platforms are responsible to change the landscape of communicating and that is why the promotion of products within present time is quite changed. The distance between the clients and visitors to the various social media platforms will be easily narrowed by using today’s social media marketing strategies. The commonly used social media platforms are Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-in, Instagram, and many more.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a very wide term; it includes all types of advertising and marketing tactics that use cell phone. What is mobile marketing?  It involves marketing to your target audience and present attractive promotions messages through a mobile friendly site, SMS text messaging, WhatsApp messaging as well as mobile apps advertising.

Marketing companies are welcoming this change as an opportunity, with great potential. More and more Singapore SME are going digital and they are discovering the importance of wireless and mobile marketing. The companies who haven’t tried this type of marketing are seeing it as an untapped opportunity to attract new customers.

Your web site may be doing well, for you but you may lose out to a segment of potential consumers who use mobile phones to access the internet. Different type of websites need to be designed for cell phones, because the data processing speed is very slow in mobile phones and size of screen is also very small.


Thus, many novel and user-friendly techniques are ruling the world of business in a larger manner. Many companies have come to the rescue of the businesses by implementing the techniques. It is important to engage a proven and effective SEO company who understand the end to end online marketing and have someone in their team who is truly an Singapore SEO expert, fully web savy and skillful in integrating the different components of online marketing to make it work together.


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